Hardwood | Maintenance

One of the main benefits of hardwood flooring is that they are low maintenance floors that require only a little more maintenance than sweeping on a regular basis to remove dirt. Cleaners are only needed when cleaning spills, removing scuff marks or major cleanings like spring cleaning.

  • Place walk off mats at every door that are regularly maintained.
  • You can and should vacuum your floors daily.
  • Use the correct floor cleaner.
  • Don’t assume that any household cleaner should be safe for your hardwood floors.
  • Cleaners should be applied with a terry cloth head mop.
  • Less is more. Use only a small amount of cleaner.
  • Only use wax on floors with a wax finish.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • For stubborn stains like chewing gum or candle wax try using a credit card.
  • Use Technical Support.